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Inspection Files Software

a User friendly Windows interface
a Manage, create and schedule inspections
a Create handheld inspections in the field with a laptop, Tablet PC or Pocket PC
a Maintain a master list of address records with related parties or occupants
a Store permits, complaints and maintenance logs for an address
a Store digital files & images for an address
a Account for fees associated with inspections or permits and create invoices
a Keep critical Preplan information for an address
a Customizable inspection types, violation categories and violation codes
a Synchronization of data between PC and Pocket PC
a Advanced security to system safeguard data from unauthorized users

l Standard & Premium Support Packages

Technical Features
l Windows application built on Microsoft .NET Framework
l Handheld module built on Microsoft .NET Compact Framework
l Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQLCE database systems

System Requirements
l Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Professional
l 128 MB RAM, 32MB of Hard disk space
l Intel or AMD processor of 800Mhz or higher
l Pocket PC device requires Microsoft Windows CE Operating System