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vision & values

Our Vision
To build lasting relationships with clients, allowing them to leverage technology to increase efficiency, lower costs, and gain market share through the use of smart technology solutions and proven business practices. To continually develop software applications and services that serve our client sectors of small business and government.

Our Corporate Values
1. Listen to the client's needs and develop a solution that yeilds a return on their investment.
2. Always determine the risk of a project and probablity of a sucessful delivery.
3. Be honest with the client and recommend what is in their best interest, even if it means not "closing" another sale.
4. Give the client options that fit within their budget or refer them to another firm that can better suit their needs.
5. Always be on top the your technical skills and bring your A-game when it comes to learning, as technology learning never stops.
6. Research new technologies, experiment and see how it may provide a benefit to our clients' organizations.
7. Continue to strive to make the company a more "well oiled" machine.
8. Help your fellow ALBX team members to excel in whatever they do, there is no one person more important that the sum of all or our talents.
9. Embrace the ideas and opinions of other team members with confidence and control, even if you do not agree.
10. Project your visions and ideas for the company and your job position.
11. Communicate with your managers to resolve issues before they become problems.
12. Do what is best for the client and our team, in that order.
13. Do what is asked of you and ask what you can do.
14. Always deliver 100% quality work output, even if you have to work a little extra or take work home.
15. Make sure the customer is always satisfied with our service and their needs are always addressed within a timely manner.