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Backbone Provider

We utilize AT&Ts worldwide backbone to provide high-speed service to our hosting facility. Their service level agreement guarantees our facility 100% uptime. AT&Ts OC48/OC-192 IP Backbone Network is one of the industrys largest and most reliable IP networks with more than 61,000 miles of fiber-optic cable and service to more than 500 points.

Service Level Agreement
Although servers need to be updated and sometimes restarted during off peak hours, we guarantee a 99.99% uptime of all servers or you will be refunded a prorated charge for the month.

Quality of Equipment
Our network is built with equipment by industry leaders, such as Cisco, 3COM, Dell, APC and HP. We use top of the line equipment to ensure top service. In addition, service contracts are in place with hardware manufacturers to ensure continued support in case of emergency.
Power Outages
Backup power is in place to provide our hosting facility with emergency power in case of major power outages. In addition, being located in the Midwest, statistically works in our favor to not be short of power or fall prey to natural disasters that often occur in other parts of the United States.

Technical Security
Cisco routers are allowed only reasonable service ports to be open to ensure the first level of security and defense. All shared and dedicated servers reside behind Cisco firewalls, providing the industrys leading firewall security with real-time stateful packet inspection. All servers are updated daily with the latest virus definitions using Norton Anti-Virus and are scanned on a daily basis. In addition, no web sites or servers are allowed on the ALBX network without protection of a firewall, a policy that is unique in the industry and ensures better protection for all of our customers.

Physical Security
During business hours, employees must have security clearance to enter the hosting facility. Our offices are located in a secured 83,000 sq. foot Class A office building built of concrete and steel. Three levels of locking ensures that no one is available to physically reach the hosting facility.

Data Backup
Backup procedures are in place for all shared servers and inclusive in some dedicated server leases. All data is backed up to a remote data center.

Application Support
A team of full time employees supports hosted applications and servers. With our background knowledge of applications, we can design, customize and tailor your hosting setup to run for peak performance and reliability, providing much more than simply access to a network port. In addition, we support custom applications, a benefit that separates Albanese Consulting from the industry.

Email Service
Each hosting package includes email addresses with options for additional mailboxes at a monthly rate per each additional mailbox. Email is sent via POP3 using any email client or through a web interface available with a browser.

Customer Support
We guarantee no customer will hold longer than one minute to speak with a live customer service representative. Support hours are from 9AM-5:30PM CST with paging support after hours. All customers will receive a callback from a technical support engineer within one hour after business hours.

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